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Aviation is about having dreams, bold or small, and knowing how to bring those dreams to reality, and that's what our people do.

Aviation Artisans

Fabrication of our beautiful machines is performed by a team of masterful and passionate people, it is what we do on the ground that translates to the grace we perform in the air.

Who We Are 
We are a passionate and somewhat legendary team of forward thinking, pioneering aeronautical and aviation specialists and technicians. 
What We Do 
We develop, engineer, build, maintain and fly legendary utility and special purpose flying machines. Not limited to such icons like the AN-2, DC-3 & the PC-6.  

The Douglas DC3 
With our heritage most notably routed to the DC3 and its subsequent conversion into a turbine aircraft, it is safe to say we are proudly affiliated with and associated with a stalwart of the industry.  
Where We Are Going  
We continue to engineer, pioneer, mordernise and develop technologies in support of special utility and special purpose aviation.